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These are very popular as a present for friends or relatives, or for those who wish to try out a flying school or aircraft, before deciding where to do their training.

The objective of the Trial Flight is to give the student as much “hands on” time as possible without compromising safety. For those experiencing this for the first time, it can be a truly unforgettable experience. The Instructor will demonstrate all the basic manoeuvres like turning and climbing and descending first, followed by student practice.

Others might just want to enjoy the scenery, which is fine. They can view the beautiful Ayrshire countryside from a new perspective at 2000 feet!

The aircraft all have full dual controls, so the instructor can take over at any time.

They are also 4 seaters, so up to 2 friends can come along as well. The weight limitation for rear seats is 130 kgs. total.

We sell Gift Vouchers for Trial Flights which are valid for 9 months from date of purchase. They are open vouchers which can be used by anyone who holds them, so they can be passed on, but they are not refundable. The Voucher will come with an information sheet, outlining what is involved and how to book it up.

The flights are from Prestwick only, but visits to other airfields can be arranged for those who want something a bit different.


Prices are based on flying time.

30 minutes £105
45 minutes £140
60 minutes £175

Buying a Trial Flight


Send a cheque for the appropriate amount,( payable to Ayroplanes.co.uk ) and post it to the Admin. Address - Fulshaw Wood Farm, Ayr. KA6 5AA. Enclose a standard size stamped addressed envelope for same day return.

Credit & Debit Cards

We can also accept Credit and Debit card payments. Place your order Online using the Buy Now buttons below ( Google Checkout ), or by telephone for same day despatch. Phone 01292 284322. Enclosed with the voucher will be a map for directions, information about the flight and booking procedure.

30 minutes £105
45 minutes £140
60 minutes £175